Hague English Comedy Nights

Join us for the monthly Hague English Comedy Nights with 3-4 stand-up comedians from around the world performing IN ENGLISH!

Note! Each show this season is with different comedians. The line-up per evening is published on our Facebook events page.

Each show sees www.internationalcomedians.com bring international comedians to The Hague from around the world to entertain you in English.

Also be sure to buy tickets for the other Hague English Comedy Nights.

Tonight May 25 is sold out – some drop-in tickets maybe available, come to Branoul 18.55 and/or 20.55 to see.

Join us for the 2019 International Hague Comedy Festival – 8 shows in English with comics from around the world
all here at Branoul on Sat, Sept 28!

More information and tickets here!


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Ik zoek nog 2 tickets voor de voorstelling van 29/9 om 21:00 uur. Wie helpt mij? We zijn met een verjaardagsgroep van 7 en ik heb op dit moment slechts 5 kaartjes…


Ik heb 1 ticket vrij voor de voorsteling vanavond om 19.00 uur. Wie heeft interesse?


I’d like 3 tickets for this evening at 21h if anyone does not want to go anymore???


I’m looking for 1 or 2 tickets for the show tonight (25th May) at 19:00. Anyone got spare tickets?